Carl Braun, LL.D., May 29, 1990
Carl Braun
B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D.

I have the honour to present Carl Braun, B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D.

Carl Braun was born in Winkler and graduated from the Manitoba Teacher's College in 1951. For the next fourteen years during which time he pursued degree studies at The University of Manitoba, he taught school in this province beginning with a four year stint in a one-room school in the Zion School District and progressing through Winkler Elementary School, Winkler Collegiate, Pembina Crest Junior High School, and Vincent Massey Collegiate. Mostly, he taught English and Music, and befitting one who had earned an AMM and an ARCT in Music from the Universities of Manitoba and Toronto respectively, he became well known as a school choir director.

In 1967, Carl Braun was awarded the Ph.D. degree from the University of Minnesota, and his doctoral thesis titled "Attentional Processes and the Beginning Reader" was given an Outstanding Dissertation Citation by the International Reading Association. In the same year, he was hired by this university as an associate professor of Educational Psychology and Education. From 1967 until 1974, he taught courses in educational psychology, language arts, and diagnosis and remediation, and he conducted research in language and reading. In 1974, Carl was appointed by the University of Calgary as a Professor of Education, and over the next 15 years, he assumed many duties including the directorship of the language education clinic and the chair of special education and rehabilitation studies. While at Calgary, Carl earned a Distinguished Teaching Award. He currently holds the title of Professor Emeritus of Educational Psychology at that institution.

Carl Braun has been a prolific scholar in the field of literacy. With substantial research support from provincial government departments and from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, he has produced many school textbooks, has published more than 50 papers for the academic and professional communities, and has delivered an extraordinary large number of invited papers. He has been a tireless promoter of literacy among youth, and in recent years, especially disadvantaged youth. One particular outlet for his energies in this regard has been the International Reading Association which this year has honoured him by electing him President, the first time that this organization representing some 92 nations has selected a citizen of a country other than the United States for this post.

Mr. Chancellor, it is particularly appropriate that in this International Year of Literacy that this University honour an individual who has done so much to promote the development of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills among the youth of this nation. Consequently, it is a privilege for me to ask, in the name of the Senate of The University of Manitoba, that you confer on Carl Braun, the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.

-citation delivered by Arnold Naimark, President, University of Manitoba