Otto Schaefer, D.Sc., May 29, 1991
Dr. Otto Schaefer

I have the honour to present Dr. Otto Schaefer.

Dr. Schaefer was born in Betzdorf, West Germany. He graduated from the University of Heidleberg in 1944 and completed Royal College of Canada Fellowship Training in Internal Medicine at the University of Alberta in 1963. In the interval he served three terms as Medical Officer in the Northwest Territories being stationed successively in the Eastern Arctic, Western Arctic and Yukon Territory. During this period he pioneered many innovations in the delivery of health services to northern populations and led the national efforts in northern population research.

In 1964, his research accomplishments were recognized by his appointment as Director of the Northern Medical Research Unit, a post he kept until 1985. In his research career Dr. Schaefer published over 100 papers in the scientific literature.

He has served as a mentor to a whole generation of academics and practitioners alike and has established the standard of research in northern communities.
He has also demonstrated a remarkable record of caring for northem peoples of Canada. He is highly revered by Native people in this country who refer to him lovingly as "Sik-Sik".

He was the founding President of the Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health and has received several prestigious awards recognizing his remarkable contribution.

They include the Order of Canada, Achievement Award - Province of Alberta, Ortho Award of Canadian Public Health Association, Commissioner's Award - Government of the Northwest Territories, and the J.A. Hildes Medal for Circumpolar Health.

Mr. Chancellor, it is truly an honour and a very great privilege for me to ask, in the name of the Senate of The University of Manitoba, that you confer upon Otto Schaefer the Degree of Doctor of Science (honoris causa).

-citation delivered by Arnold Naimark, President, University of Manitoba