W. Ralph Bullock, D.Sc., May 28, 1997
W. Ralph Bullock
B.E.(Physics), M.Sc.(Sask.)

Science, engineering and technology permeate and underpin virtually every aspect of our daily lives. Ralph Bullock is recognized for the contributions that he has made to strengthen the capacity of this field of human endeavour for enhancing and extending the quality of those lives even further. He has contributed unselfishly of his time and talents toward national, regional and university initiatives while sustaining a very successful and demanding career as an executive of Bristol Aerospace and its subsidiary, Rolls-Royce Industries Canada Inc.

Mr. Bullock's contributions to the people of Canada and Manitoba reflect his unstinting dedication to the development of science, engineering and technology. These contributions are exemplified at the national level by the considerable amount of time and energy that he has devoted and continues to devote to the National Research Council of Canada. He served as a long-time member of the governing council and the executive of the NRC. He was instrumental in the establishment in Winnipeg of the NRC's Canadian Institute of Industrial Technology and its successor, the Institute for Manufacturing Technology. He continues to draw on his experience in the aerospace industry in his ongoing service on the advisory boards for the NRC's Institute of Aerospace Research and its Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics. Ralph Bullock's dedication to the work of the National Research Council reflects his strongly held conviction that research and innovation hold the key for the future of our country if Canada is to compete aggressively in an increasingly knowledge-intensive economy.

Mr. Bullock presently serves with distinction on a number of other scientific and technical organizations. These include the Manufacturing Technology Service of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association and, provincially, the Economic and Innovation Technology Council and Total Quality Manitoba Inc. He is also currently Chair of both the Defence Advisory Board and the Space Committee of the Air Industries Association of Canada. He has served, in the past, on many more regional and national organizations, including a stint as Chair of PRECARN which is a partnership of the private and public sectors in Canada committed to supporting precompetitive research. Time prevents a more complete mention of the many organizations which have benefited from the energy that Ralph Bullock was willing to direct to them.

In the field of education, Mr. Bullock serves as a member of the first Board of Govemors of the Red River Community College. As though he were the human equivalent of the energizer bunny, he serves simultaneously on its Executive Committee and chairs its Administration Committee and its Planning Committee. He has directed these same seemingly limitless energies toward the development of science awareness of our youth, giving leadership in the launching of the Manitoba Technology Initiative, a program which seeks to excite the curiosity of school children about the world of science, engineering and technology.

From the University's point of view, Ralph Bullock's role as the main community sparkplug in the early 1980's in establishing the University's Institute for Technological Development is perhaps the most significant. Under his wise guidance as Chair of the Institute's advisory board, the Institute flourished and matured into a full-fledged university/industry liaison office which brings together the scientific and technical interest of the community with the academic interest of the Faculties of Agricultural and Food Sciences, Engineering, Medicine and Science. Ralph Bullock was the primary force in the establishment in the University of the highly successful and nationally recognized Engineering and Applied Sciences Industrial Affiliates Program. He gave strong and direct leadership in the establishment of two of the University's five NSERC Industrial Research Chairs, one in Applied Electromagnetics and one in Aerospace materials. The latter is unique in that it extends the concept of NSERC Industrial Research Chairs to include an undergraduate curriculum option, in this instance, in Aerospace Engineering.

Ralph Bullock was born in Maidstone, Saskatchewan during the 1930's. The University of Saskatchewan awarded him a Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Physics in 1958 and a Master of Science in Upper Atmospheric Physics in 1960. During his 40 year career with Bristol Aerospace, he worked cooperatively with the University of California, Los Angeles; the University of British Columbia; and the Defence Research Establishment at Valcartier, Quebec. At the conclusion of his career with Bristol Aerospace last fall, he was VicePresident, Engineering and Quality, and Vice-President, Environmental Affairs, with Rolls-Royce.

Ralph Bullock is a friend of engineering, science and technology. Closer to home, he is a good friend of the University of Manitoba. Through his work, he has helped us and supported us. For this, we thank him and honour him.