Jurisdiction of the Board of Governors and the Senate

Administration and Miscellaneous Matters

Board of Governors Senate
s.22 Shall make an annual report to the Lieutenant Governor in Council and send it to the Minister of Education.  
Attaining Purposes/
s.4(1)(i) Decides what arrangements UM may enter into with persons or authorities (e.g., government, public, private) that it deems conducive to the attainment of the purposes and objects of UM and what rights, privileges, and concessions from those persons or authorities the Board thinks is desirable.  
Fees s.16(1)(c) May fix and determine all fees and charges to be paid to the University.  
Human Resources s.61(1)(3) Mandatory retirement (Board Bylaw).


s.4(1)(r) May prescribe terms and conditions for the payment of money directly or indirectly, as contribution toward pensions, annuities, retiring allowances, and gratuities for UM employees.

s.16(1)(b) May appoint president/vice-presidents/ deans/librarian/comptroller/members of academic staff*/ all such officers, clerks, employees and servants as the Board may deem necessary; fix their salaries/remuneration; identify their powers/duties; fix their tenure of office/employment.

*s.16(2) Academic staff can only be dismissed in accordance with Board by-laws/rules/regulations - changes to Board by-laws/rules/regulations which adversely affect the tenure of a member of academic staff to take effect in the year following that in which the amendment is made or the end of the academic staff member's special appointment term, whichever is later.

s.34(s) Shall make recommendations to the Board re: procedures re: appointments, promotions, salaries, tenure and dismissals.
Investments s.5(1) May, by-law or resolution, transfer to one common investment fund (The University Investment Trust Fund) all or part of the monies/securities owned or held by UM in trust.

s.5(6) May, as monies are available, at any time transfer from the investment fund to a participating fund an amount not exceeding the balance to the credit of that participating fund.

Parking s.16(1)(h) May make regulations respecting and prohibiting the parking or leaving of vehicles on campus (including parking fees and charges, and the removal and impoundment of vehicles)  
Property s.4 The University may buy/receive/sell/etc. property. The following excerpts are provided for information:


s.4(1)(a) Receive or acquire grants, purchases, leases, gifts, devices, bequests, etc. of real or personal property.

s.4(1)(b) Sell/lease/mortgage/etc. real or personal property.

s.4(1)(c) Invest University money (using prudent person principles and taking into account any trust conditions applying to particular assets).


s.4(1)(f) Decide what building erection/construction is necessary or convenient for UM purposes.

s.34(1)(s) Shall make recommendations to the Board with respect to...campus planning, a building program....
Use of... s.63(1) Board authority required re use of "university", "varsity", coat of arms or crest.

s.63(2) Board authority required re use of word "Manitoba" in institutions of learning.