Jurisdiction of the Board of Governors and the Senate


Subject Board of Governors Senate
General s.7 Governing body of UM.

s.16(1) May exercise in the name of and on behalf of UM any or all powers, authorities and privileges conferred on the university as a body corporate (by this Act or any other Act).


s.17 Even where Senate (or any other body of person) is given power to make recommendations to the Board re: any matter, the Board may (of its own motion and without any recommendation) exercise its plenary powers re: that matter.

s.25 Academic Body of UM.


s.34(1) General charge of all matters of an academic character.



S.34(1)(s) Shall make recommendations to the Board re:

(1) academic planning, campus planning,

(2) a building program,

(3) budget policies

(4) procedures re: appointments, promotions, salaries, tenure and dismissals, and

(5) any other matters considered by Senate to be of interest to UM.


ss.34(1)(l),(m),(n),(o), and s.34(3) also refer to Senate recommendations to the Board. These are set out elsewhere in this document.


s.34(4) Every recommendation of the Senate to the Board shall be sent to the Board.

Questions/ Appeals
s.16(1)(h) May hear appeals from any decision of any officer, body or organization, of or in the University, by any person affected thereby, and decide finally upon all matters of university policy.


s.16(1)(d) May exercise disciplinary jurisdiction over students (power to fine, suspend or expel).


s.18 Settle and determine any questions which arise re: the powers/duties of convocation, senate, council, chancellor, president or any other officer/servant of UM.

s.34(1)(v) Shall hear and determine appeals from the decisions of the faculty or school councils, upon applications, requests or petitions by students or others.

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