Presidential Search



For the appointment of the President of the University, a Presidential Search Committee for the identification of presidential candidates and a recommendation for appointment shall be established in accordance with the following principles:


The University of Manitoba's Board of Governors, under The University of Manitoba Act, has the power to appoint the President. The Board has empowered the Management Resources and Compensation Committee (MRCC) with the responsibility to recommend the process for the selection, appointment and reappointment of the President, and to oversee the processes of the Search Committee.


Noting that the average size of a Search Committee is from 10 to 21 members, it is recommended the Search Committee consist of 15 members, including the Chair.

The Search Committee shall be composed of:

  • the Chair of the Board of Governors, as Chair
  • the Chancellor, as Co-Chair
  • the Chancellor-elect, who will be elected in December 2018
  • five members elected by the Board of Governors (to include one student)
  • five members elected by the Senate (to include at least one Dean or Director and one student)
  • one member appointed by the University of Manitoba Faculty Association
  • the Support Staff Assessor to the Board of Governors

The University Secretary shall be the Secretary (non-voting) of the Search Committee.

A vacancy on the Search Committee may be filled at the discretion of MRCC.

A member of the Search Committee does not cease to be a member simply by virtue of ceasing to be a member of the estate from which he or she was elected or appointed.


The Search Committee will submit its recommendation to the Board of Governors no later than November 30, 2019.


The Search Committee shall hold a thorough orientation session for all members of the Search Committee to establish expectations and responsibilities of the individuals on the Committee and of the Committee as a whole.


The Search Committee will have overall responsibility for the recruitment and evaluation of candidates. The MRCC concluded that the Search Committee would benefit from the assistance of an executive search consultant, the approach now used at virtually all universities. The MRCC will retain such a consultant to assist the committee.


The Search Committee shall develop, in consultation with the university community, the criteria to be used in evaluating candidates and shall present the criteria to the Board for consideration and approval.

In its deliberations, the Search Committee shall have regard for the mission of the University and the abilities of those nominated to advance that mission. The Search Committee shall solicit and consider the views of the university community and major external constituencies on the type of President most likely to advance the interests of the University.


Beyond the procedures outlined in this document, the Search Committee may develop its own procedures.

Other than consultations with the university and broader community, the Search Committee shall, at all times, conduct its affairs in camera. Members shall not disclose to anyone else any matter concerning the activities of the Search Committee.

The Search Committee shall attempt to make decisions by consensus.

For all purposes, except in making a recommendation for the appointment of a President, nine members shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Search Committee. For the purpose of making a recommendation to the Board of Governors for the appointment of the President, a quorum of 12 members will be required.

The Search Committee shall regularly inform the Board of Governors on the progress that the Search Committee is making. The Chair of the Search Committee should, therefore, make a report to the Board of Governors at each Board of Governors meeting on the understanding that such reports will be made in general terms only, given the sensitivity and confidentiality of the Search Committee's work.

The Search Committee may establish sub-committees for any purposes it thinks appropriate, except that only a quorum of the full committee may decide upon a recommendation to the Board of Governors for the appointment of a President.


The Search Committee shall identify, after its deliberations, a candidate whom it recommends to the Board of Governors for appointment as President of the University. Only if the Board of Governors does not approve the Search Committee's recommendation, shall the Search Committee recommend a second or further candidate as may be necessary.


In consultation with a Search Consultant, and any other advisors it deems necessary, the MRCC will establish contract parameters and compensation for potential candidates. The Search Committee shall not have the responsibility of discussing contract provisions with candidates. The Chair of the Search Committee shall review these parameters with all individuals on the short list prior to interviews. The final negotiations for a contract are the responsibility of the Board Chair and Chancellor on behalf of MRCC.


The Code of Conduct for Members of the Board of Governors of the University of Manitoba, and the Charter of Expectations will apply to all members of the Search Committee.


It is a condition of membership of the Search Committee that its deliberations and all matters pertaining to its proceedings will be treated as being confidential.

Acceptance of membership constitutes an undertaking to adhere strictly to this condition.

Search Committee members, and any staff supporting the Search Committee, will be required to sign an undertaking of confidentiality.