Presidential Search



The membership of the Presidential Search Committee is as follows:

the Chair of the
Board of Governors, as Chair
     Jeff Lieberman
the Chancellor, as Co-Chair      Harvey Secter
the Chancellor-elect      Anne Mahon
five members elected by the
Board of Governors
(to include one student)

     Laurel Hyde
     Carla Loewen
     Rafi Mohammed
     Carl Neumann
     Jeff Taylor

five members elected by the Senate
(to include at least one Dean or Director
and one student)

     Jonathan Beddoes
     Peter Blunden
     Tina Chen
     Cary Miller
     Jakob Sanderson

one member appointed by the
University of Manitoba Faculty Association
     Robert Chernomas
the Support Staff Assessor
to the Board of Governors
     Sandra Woloschuk
two members, appointed by the Chair and the Co-Chair of the Committee, to bring additional Indigenous perspective and voice to the work of the Committee      Catherine Cook
     Frank Deer

The University Secretary (Jeffrey Leclerc) shall be the Secretary (non-voting) of the Search Committee.