Senate Meeting Rules


To the Board of Governors and the Executive Committee:

1. Elections shall be held at the June meeting of Senate.

2. A motion to close nominations shall be entertained only if the number of nominations is at least equal to twice the number of vacancies to be filled, or if, prior to obtaining such number, no on objects to the putting of the motion, which shall require two-thirds (2/3) majority for adoption.

3. Before the vote is taken, each nominee, if present, shall stand to be identified and the nominee's University association (i.e. faculty, school, department, etc.) shall be announced. If the person nominated is not present, the nominator must state that the person nominated has consented to the nomination.

4. Only before the close of nominations or after the first ballot shall any person have the right to withdraw.

5. All voting shall be by secret ballot. To cast a vote for a particular candidate, Senators shall print clearly the name of such candidate on the ballot provided.

Following the announcement of the results, the ballots shall be destroyed by the Returning Officer.

6. If a tie results from any one of the elections which prohibits the unique determination of the appropriate terms of office, the question shall be resolved by another election involving only the candidates who have so tied.

7. Those elected shall take office immediately.

8. The University Secretary shall be the Returning Officer for all elections.