Senate Meeting Rules

Informal Consideration of Business

1. Committee of the Whole

A motion to go into Committee of the Whole interrupts the business to which it is applied. Such a motion shall state clearly the business for consideration by the Committee.

If the motion is passed, the Chair shall immediately call another member to the chair and shall sit as a member of the Committee.

The only motions in order shall be the following:

  • to amend
  • to adopt
  • to "rise and report" (as it cannot adjourn)
  • to appeal a ruling from the Chair

At the end of deliberation by the Committee of the Whole, the Chair of the Senate shall resume the chair and the Chair of the Committee of the Whole shall then report any conclusions, recommendations or summaries arrived at, for formal ratification by Senate.

2. As if in Committee of the Whole.

Similar to Committee of the Whole, except that the Chair of Senate shall not relinquish the chair; at the end of the informal discussion the Chair shall make certain that the conclusions are formally presented for disposition by Senate.