Senate Meeting Rules

Introduction of Business

Business may be put before the meeting by the Chair referring to an item on the Agenda or calling upon a member for a report or "recognizing" (i.e. naming) a member who wishes to make a motion or to speak to a motion.

1. A member who wishes to be recognized shall raise his/her hand or rise in his/her place and, if necessary, call "Mr./Madam Chair".

2. Except as set forth in #3 below, a member may not proceed to address the meeting until recognized by the Chair. (The naming of members is particularly important for the tape recording).

3. In the following cases, members may speak without first being recognized by the Chair:

(a) Questions of Order, Privilege or Appeal

(b) Parliamentary Inquiries

(c) Objection to Consideration of a Motion

(d) Motion to Reconsider

(e) Request for Count of Votes