University of Manitoba - University Governance - Senate Meeting Rules
Senate Meeting Rules


No meeting of Senate may be officially called to order unless a quorum is present. 

  1. The quorum of any Senate meeting held during the months of October to May, inclusive, shall be forty (40).  During the months of June, July, August and September, it shall be twenty-five (25).  Assessors are not included in determining the quorum.
  2. If a quorum is not present when fifteen (15) minutes have elapsed after the scheduled time of the meeting, the names of those present shall be recorded and the meeting of Senate shall stand adjourned until a time to be fixed by the Executive Committee.
  3. After a meeting of Senate has been properly called to order, the meeting shall be deemed to be properly constituted until such time as a member of Senate other than the Chair calls attention to the loss of a quorum or until the meeting has been adjourned (see also "Duration of Meeting").