Senate Meeting Rules


1. Regular Meetings

Senate shall meet regularly during the academic year from the months of October to June, the schedule of which shall be developed and published at least one month before the beginning of each academic year by the University Secretary.  Notwithstanding this schedule, the Executive Committee of Senate shall have the authority to cancel a meeting of Senate if it determines that the amount and nature of the agenda items make it practicable to defer consideration, and provided that notice of such cancellation is given to members of Senate at least seven (7) days prior to the date Senate is scheduled to meet.

2. Special Meetings

From time to time there may be special meetings of Senate to deal with matters specified in the notice thereof. Special meetings shall be called by the Chair of Senate, either on the direction of Senate, or on his/her own motion, or on the advice of the Executive Committee, or on the written request of any twelve (12) members of Senate.

3. Summer Months - Urgent Matters

If, in the view of the Chair of Senate, the University Secretary, or the Executive Committee, any matter arises in July, August or September that is urgent and requires immediate consideration, a special meeting of Senate shall be called for that purpose.

amended by Senate November 5, 2014