Senate Committee on Awards

Terms of Reference:

1. On behalf of Senate, to approve and inform Senate of all new offers and amended offers of awards that meet the published guidelines presented to Senate on November 3, 1999, and as thereafter amended by Senate. Where, in the opinion of the Committee, acceptance is recommended for new offers and amended offers which do not meet the published guidelines or which otherwise appear to be discriminatory under Non-Acceptance of Discriminatory Scholarships, Bursaries or Fellowships, such offers shall be submitted to Senate for approval;

2. To review periodically the terms of awards of offers and re-offers of scholarships, bursaries, medals and prizes;

3. To review regularly the composition and operation of awards committees;

4. To shortlist candidates for the Leader of Tomorrow scholarship;

5. To recommend to Senate changes in policy relating to awards; and

6. To elect its own Chair from among the elected members of the Committee.


1. Six members of the academic staff, at least one of whom shall be a Senator; these six shall include at least one from each of the Faculties of Arts and Science, and at least two from professional faculties/schools

2. Two students

3. Director of Financial Aid and Awards Office (ex-officio)

4. Vice-Provost (Graduate Education) and Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies (or designate)

Amended by Senate December 13, 1989
Amended by Senate July 6, 1994
Amended by Senate April 5, 2000


Jared Carlberg


Mabelle Magsino