Governing Documents: Governance





As voting members:

  • the Chair of the Board (as Chair)
  • the Vice Chair of the Board (as Vice-Chair)
  • the Chancellor
  • the President
  • the Chair of the Finance, Administration and Human Resources Committee
  • the Chair of the Audit and Risk Management Committee
  • three additional members elected by and from the Board, ensuring at least one academic staff member
  • one member of the Board elected by and from the Board, from amongst those members of the Board appointed by the University of Manitoba Students' Union

As non-voting members:

  • the UMFA Assessor
  • the Support Staff Assessor

Resource persons:

  • the University Secretary (as secretary)
  • the Provost and Vice-President (Academic)
  • the Vice-President (Administration)
  • the Vice-President (Research and International)
  • the Vice-President (External)



To exercise all powers and perform all the duties of the Board during all intervals between meetings of the Board and report such actions to the next meeting of the Board. Such actions include, but are not limited to:

  • Staff recommendations, except that in the case of dismissals, or suspensions without pay of academic staff, such recommendations shall be considered directly by the Board, or if the timing requires action by the Executive Committee, such actions shall be submitted to the Board for ratification by the Board it its next regular meeting;
  • Appointments of University/Board representatives to external organizations;
  • To consider and approve on behalf of the Board, the guidelines to be followed in negotiating collective agreements;
  • To deal with duties or matters delegated to it by the Board in the intervals between meetings of the Board;
  • To deal with issues or matters which may arise and for which a specific committee of the Board has not been struck;
  • To recommend to the Board on affiliation agreements with entities such as post-secondary institutions and health care facilities, and agreements with other organizations for joint instruction;
  • To recommend to the Board on the use of the Coat of Arms.

Term of office is for one year from June 1 to May 31.



Approved by the Board of Governors April 19, 2011
Approved by the Board of Governors April 24, 2007
Approved by the Board of Governors May 19, 2015






Shelley Foster