Effective Date:
August 17, 1971
Revised Date:
Review Date:
Approving Body:
Vice-President (Administration)
Vice-President (Administration)
Applies to:
All Staff

University policy concerning financial commitments provides that no staff member of the University has the authority to make any purchase commitment, enter into any contract for materials or supplies or otherwise to take any action with respect to third parties which may be construed as financially binding to the University except through the usual channels under the authority of the Vice-President (Administration).

The acquisitions of materials, supplies, equipment, repairs and other contractual services, where the expenditure is from funds administered by the University, regardless of whether the funds arise from Federal or Provincial appropriations, student fees, gifts, grants, endowments, research contracts or other funds source, shall be procured through our Purchasing Department by means of purchase requisition and issuance of a properly authorized Purchase Order.

Special or unusual procurement problems should be brought to the attention of the Director of Purchasing for approval of special exceptions or to establish special procedures where necessary.

The payment of financial commitments to suppliers requires that a properly authorized receiving copy of the Purchase Order or Part Order Receipt (Comptrollers' Form No. 5) be submitted promptly to the Accounts Payable department. In order to expediate payment of supplier's accounts, it is essential that these authorizations be forwarded immediately by the departments concerned.