Governing Documents: Staff
Effective Date:
January 27, 2009
Revised Date:
Review Date:
January 27, 2019
Approving Body:
Administration: President
Policy: Nepotism
President: Delegated to Vice-President (Administration)
Executive Director of Human Resources
Applies to:
All Employees

1.0 Reason for Procedure(s)

To define the circumstances whereby a University employee may be involved in the hiring and supervision of that employee's immediate family member. In doing so, the focus is to protect the University and its employees from situations in which actual or apparent conflicts of interest might arise from the employment of family members at the University.

2.0 Procedure(s)

2.1 Employment with Members of the Same Immediate Family

2.1.1 The University permits members of the same immediate family to be employed by the University, even in the same department.

2.1.2 Conflicts of interest may occur:

(a) at the time of hire;
(b) during the employment relationship; or
(c) where family relationships have changed during an existing employment relationship.

2.1.3 In all these situations, prior approval of any supervisory relationship between immediate family members must be received from the Executive Director of Human Resources or designate.

2.1.4 The approval process will examine the requirements of the positions involved to ensure that systems of internal control or accountability would not be compromised, as well as resolve any actual or apparent conflicts of interest.

2.2 Inappropriate Participation in Employment Situations

2.2.1 There are a number of circumstances where participation in the deliberations or evaluation of employment matters regarding a member of the same immediate family would not be appropriate. These include but are not limited to:

(a) participation in the hiring process;
(b) deliberations regarding tenure or promotion; or
(c) in the evaluation of job performance of a member of the same immediate family.

In situations such as this, the family member shall decline to participate in the evaluation process due to a conflict of interest.

2.3 Definition of Immediate Family

2.3.1 For the purpose of this Policy and Procedure "immediate family" means a:

(a) spouse (including common law or same sex);
(b) child;
(c) brother;
(d) sister;
(e) parent;
(f) grandparent;
(g) grandchild
(h) mother-in-law;
(i) father-in-law;
(j) brother-in-law;
(k) sister-in-law;
(l) son-in-law;
(m) daughter-in-law;
(n) aunt;
(o) uncle
(p) nephew;
(q) niece.

3.0 Accountability

3.1 The University Secretary or the President is responsible for initiating a formal review of these Procedures.

3.2 The Executive Director of Human Resources is responsible for the communication, administration and interpretation of this Procedure.

4.0 Review

4.1 Formal Procedure reviews will be conducted every ten (10) years. The next scheduled review date for this Procedure is January 27, 2019.

4.2 In the interim, these Procedures may be revised or rescinded if:

(a) the Approving Body deems necessary (or the President deems necessary where the approving Body is the Administration; or
(b) the relevant Policy is revised or rescinded.

5.0 Effect on Previous Statements

5.1 This Procedure supersedes:

(a) all previous Board/Senate Procedures, and resolutions on the subject matter contained herein; and
(b) all previous Administration Procedures, and resolutions on the subject matter contained herein; and
(c) Policy: Nepotism dated April 1, 2004.

6.0 Cross References

Policy: Nepotism

related documents:

Policy: Nepotism