Governing Documents: University Community
Effective Date:
March 16, 2010
Revised Date:
September 11, 2012
May 31, 2013
Review Date:
September 11, 2022
Approving Body:
Administration: Vice-President (Administration)
Signing of Agreements Policy
Vice-President (Administration)
General Counsel
Applies to:
All Employees

1.0 Reason for Procedures

1.1 To set out procedures secondary to the Signing of Agreements Policy (the “Signing Policy”). More particularly, to establish the employees within the University, by reference to their positions, who are authorized to sign Agreements, all as hereinafter set out in detail.

2.0 Procedures

2.1 Subject to Sections 2.6.5 and 2.7 of the Signing Policy, Schedule “A” attached hereto sets out the Signing Officers for Agreements. If the type of Agreement is not listed in Schedule “A”, it may be signed by the President or Vice-President (Administration).

2.2 Pursuant to Section 2.5.6 of the Signing Policy, Schedule “B” attached hereto sets out Agreements which, although Non-Standard, may be signed without review of the Office of Legal Counsel.

2.3 For the purposes of these Procedures, “Director” means an administrative director with a direct reporting line to a Vice-President, Associate Vice-President, or Vice-Provost. Directors are deemed to include the Comptroller, General Counsel, Executive Directors, Associate Vice-Presidents, Vice-Provosts and Vice-Presidents, when acting in regard to matters concerning their respective immediate offices. Directors do not include academic department heads or academic program directors.

3.0 Accountability

3.1 The University Secretary is responsible for advising the President that a formal review of the Procedures is required.

3.2 General Counsel is responsible for the communication, administration and interpretation of these Procedures.


4.1 Formal Procedure reviews will be conducted every ten (10) years. The next scheduled review date for these Procedures is September 11, 2022.

4.2 In the interim, these Procedures may be revised or rescinded if:

(a) the Approving Body deems necessary; or

(b) the relevant Bylaw, Regulation(s) or Policy is revised or rescinded.

5.0 Effect on Previous Statements

5.1 These Procedures supersede the following:

(a) all previous Board/Senate Procedures, and resolutions on the subject matter contained herein; and

(b) all previous Administration Procedures, and resolutions on the subject matter contained herein; and

(c) Signing of Agreements Procedures (dated March 16, 2010).

6.0 Cross References

Schedule "A" and Schedule "B"

Signing of Agreements Policy

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