Distinguished Service Award Recipients


1982-2009  |  2010-2029


Arthur J. Coulter (May 1982):  Executive Secretary of Manitoba Federation of Labour for 15 years. Founding member of the University Labour Certificate Course offered through Continuing Education (1962).

Arthur V. Mauro (May 1982):  Chairman of the Board, Investors Group. Alumnus of St Paul’s College. Established course in Communication and Transportation. Interests varied from St Joseph’s Orphanage to the Universities Grants Commission.

Jessie Lang (May 1982):  Active volunteer in the community, serving on the Health Sciences Board (including a term as Chair), the Board of Governors of the University of Manitoba, and the Board of Directors of the Manitoba Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation.

W. Raymond McQuade (May 1982):  Served on the Board of Governors for six years (four and a half years as Chair). Raised support from local firms who contributed material and skilled help for erection of dome for telescope at University Astronomical Observatory at Glenlea.

Earle B. Pollard (October 1982):  Member of Board of Governors 1972-78. Community service includes Children’s Aid Society, Board of Directors, Health Sciences Centre, President of U of M Alumni Association, Board of the CJUM-FM Radio Station and the Executive of the Canadian Paraplegic Association.

John Abra (May 1983):  Instrumental in founding of the Faculty of Dentistry in 1958. Active member of Manitoba Dental Association (President 1959). Founding member of Canadian Association of Orthodontists and first President 1954-55. President of Mid-Western Society of American Dental Association in 1964.

Betty Havens (May 1984):  Appointed Provincial Gerontologist 1982. President of Canadian Association on Gerontology 1979-1984. Founding member of Manitoba Association on Gerontology. Instrumental in establishing Centre on Aging. Member of Mount Carmel Clinic.

Geraldine MacNamara (May 1983):  Founder and Executive Director of Rossbrook House, a haven for core area youth. Was the first non-native to receive “Native Citizen of the Year” award. Awarded the Order of Canada and the Solicitor General’s Crime Prevention Award.

Winnifred Van Slyck (May 1985):  President Emeritus and Honorary Curator of the Dugald Costume Museum. Member of the Winnipeg Sketch Club and the Manitoba Society of Artists. During the war years served as Red Cross leader in community and as leader of the Dugald Mission Band.

Joe Zuken (October 1983):  Trustee of the Winnipeg School Board for 20 years. For 10 years served as Alderman on Metro Winnipeg Council. Was Chairman of the North End Hospital Board for 13 years, resulting in establishment of Seven Oaks General Hospital. Served as the Hospital’s first Chairman.

Clare W. Miller (May 1984):  Member of Board of Governors 1978-81. Had long association with the United Way. Member of Boards of Manitoba Theatre Centre and Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Member of Mayor’s Advisory Committee for Culture and Arts.

John Murta (May 1984):  Member of Board of Governors 1968-72. Director, Manitoba Pool Elevators. President, Carman Farm Business Association. Founding member of Manitoba Corn Growers Association. Host of farm tours for students, experts, and visiting dignitaries.

Bert Hall (April 1985):  Developed new farm organization - Keystone Agricultural Producers - and served as Provisional Chairman. Chaired various school boards 1945-1972. Developed and served as first Chairman of Manitoba Broiler Chicken Association and served on many other agricultural associations.

Shirlee Smith (May 1985):  President of Manitoba Historical Society. Awarded Order of Canada for exceptional contributions to heritage and archives. Keeper, Hudson’s Bay Company Archives, Provincial Archives of Manitoba. Supervised the transfer of Hudson’s Bay archives from London, England to Winnipeg.

Anne G. Ross (May 1986):  Served the Mount Carmel Clinic for 35 years, acting as Executive Director from 1964. Founder member of Family Planning Council of Winnipeg. Honoured as a Member of the Order of Canada. Recipient of the City of Winnipeg Community Service Award, the Good Citizenship Award and Citation of Merit from MARN.

Arthur J. Vincent (October 1985):  Initiated the first China-Canada trade agreement. Served as a Director of the Winnipeg General Hospital, a Vice-President of the Winnipeg Art Gallery, and a Director of the Murphy Foundation. Developed East Meadows Wildlife Preserve for preservation of water birds and wildlife.

Clyde Perry (May 1986):  Teacher in Winnipeg School Division from 1953-85. Principal of Tec Voc High School 1974-85. Successful not only in Education but in “Student rehabilitation”, where he ensured that drop-outs, welfare recipients, students with history of drug addiction, crime, and family abuse, succeeded in education system.

G. Campbell MacLean (June 1987):  Chairman and Member of the Advisory Board of St Boniface General Hospital. Chairman, St Boniface General Hospital Research Foundation. Chairman of the Manitoba Labour Management Review Committee. Chairman of the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation. Director, Manitoba Tourist and Convention Association.

Russ Hood (June 1987):  Manager and Vice-President Planning and Development, LIMA Engineering Operations. Served for nine years as Chairman of the Industry Liaison Committee of the Faculty of Engineering, providing liaison and interface with local and national industries. Strong supporter of the Faculty of Engineering Endowment Fund.

John Enns (June 1988):  Honorary Life Member of Manitoba Teachers Society. Manitoba Director for the Canadian Organization for Development Through Education. Played leadership role in development of the four year B.Ed. degree program and development of induction programs for beginning teachers.

W. Ralph Bullock (May 1991):  Vice-President, Bristol Aerospace. Chairman of University-Industries Task Force to develop the Institute for Technological Development and Chair of ITD since its development. Assisting in attracting industrial partners to Sciences Affiliates Program. Supported NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Applied Electromagnetics, established the Electron Optics Research Laboratory. Member of Board of the Microelectronics Centre of U of M.

Jan Dick (October 1991):  Vice-President, Nursing, St Boniface General Hospital. Responsible for evolution of Masters’ level Fellowship Program in Maternal-Child, and Geriatric Nursing. First Nurse-Administrator to create a hospital Nursing Research Department. Founder member of Canadian Journal of Nursing Administration; established newsmagazine Nursing Dialogue at SBGH.

Yetta Gold (May 1991):  Executive Director of Klinic 1971-72. Executive Director, Age and Opportunity Centre Inc 1972-81; President National Advisory Council on Aging 1983-86. Promoted establishment of ARCOR (Canadian Aging and Rehabilitation Corporation) to develop equipment, furniture and tools to enable elderly and disabled. Board Chair of JACK’S PLACE, residence for elderly male population on Main Street.

Henry E. Duckworth (May 1992):  In addition to his direct contributions to the University of Manitoba as a Professor in Physics, Vice-President, and as Chancellor for six years, Dr. Duckworth has made distinguished contributions to science and to universities in Canada and abroad, particularly in his role as Chair of the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

Shirley Lyon (October 1992):  Director, Inter-Universities North, and with great tact and energy, led it through its developmental period and engineered cooperation between the three universities. Participated in initial stages of establishing the First Year by Distance Education Program.

G. Nicholls (1993):  Dr Nicholls was closely involved with Flin Flon Teachers’ Association who negotiated the first teachers’ collective agreement in rural Manitoba which provided equal pay rates for men and women. He served in the Seven Oaks School Division as a high school principal and also as Assistant Superintendent. In 1982 he was seconded to head the Education Finance Review. He left Seven Oaks to become Assistant Deputy Minister with the Manitoba Department of Education. After retirement Dr Nicholls continued to be active in educational and community affairs.

Arnold Gerald Rogers (1994):  A respected physician, Dr Rogers has played an important role in medical care in Manitoba. He was awarded the Dr Ian Goldberg Award for his distinguished service to the Misericordia Hospital. He was appointed to the Medical Review Committee and has remained a member since 1975, serving as Chairman for over 10 years. A member of the American Osler Society, becoming a Director from 1988-90. He was also a founding member of the History of Medicine Society.

John Cameron Brown (1996):  Mr J C (Cam) Brown is a consistent and constructive supporter of the interests of the University of Manitoba, particularly the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, who have profited from his considerable experience when he was a government employee based in the Department of Animal Science until his recent years with Feed-Rite Ltd. He took a leadership role in the “Gateway to the Future” campaign to raise capital for the new Agriculture Building.

Tom Dooley (1997):  Tom Dooley has made distinguished contributions to the University of Manitoba in areas of student service (University Co-operative Housing), alumni, governance, and in community service. His career has been devoted to the practice of corporate law and to serving the University of Manitoba and the community.

Maureen Dowds (October 2001):  Ms Dowds joined Manitoba Special Olympics in 1995 and has been Executive Director since 1996. Her contributions to the University of Manitoba, to Manitoba and beyond are the result of her extraordinary vision and ability to inspire the commitment of her staff and the hundreds of volunteers who have made Manitoba Special Olympics a leader in the area of sport and physical activity for persons with a mental disability.

John Dafoe (May 2002):  Mr. Dafoe served for many years as the editorial page editor of the Winnipeg Free Press.  Mr. Dafoe’s editorials and editorial policy perpetuated the high level of influential commentary on current events for which the Winnipeg Free Press has been known since Mr. Dafoe’s grandfather, John W. Dafoe was Editor of the Winnipeg Free Press from 1901-1944.  In addition to his service to his fellow citizens in journalism, Mr. Dafoe served on a number of community organizations over the years, including the External Relations Committee of the Board of Governors. 

Joseph Du (May 2002):  Dr. Du is a pediatrician, professor, and community leader  Dr. Du  served as the Coordinator of the Northern Outreach Native Settlement Pediatric Clinics for the Manitoba Region, delivering medical services to children in  many remote First Nations communities throughout Northern Manitoba.  Dr. Du is a seemingly tireless community leader, having served on the Boards of organizations including, the Canadian Foundation for Refugees, the Winnipeg Chinese Cultural and Community Centre, the Council for Canadian Unity and the Canadian Club of Winnipeg.   Dr. Du is a member of the Order of Canada and was inducted into the Order of the Buffalo Hunt in 1995.

Kevin Kavanagh (October 2002):  Dr. Kavanagh is a graduate of the University of Manitoba, having earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1953 and receiving an Honorary Doctorate in 1990.  A well known and respected leader in local and national business circles, Dr. Kavanagh served for 29 years as an Executive with the Great-West Life Assurance Company, including 14 years as President and CEO.  Dr. Kavanagh currently serves as a director of the Great-West Life Assurance Company (Canada and U.S.), London Life, National Leasing Group Inc., the Winnipeg Airports Authority Inc., and the Banff Centre among others. He served as executive in residence in the Asper School of Business and as Chancellor of Brandon University.

Marjorie Blankstein (May 2003):  Mrs. Blankstein’s devotion to her native city of Winnipeg has resulted in many contributions to its welfare.  Her work has been directly mainly towards the young and the aged, not only of the Jewish Community, but of the general population.  She has also served the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, the United Way of Winnipeg, and has been President of the National Council of Jewish Women.

David Graves (May 2003):  Mr. Graves is a graduate of the University of Manitoba, having earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1983.  After having spent time with Nortel, Novatel, and Hughes Aircraft, he established the highly successful Broadband Networks Inc. in 1994.  In 1998, Mr. Graves founded Centara Corporation, a venture capital firm whose focus is high-tech communications investments and support for new companies in that field.  Mr. Graves is a member of Capital Campaign’s Honorary Campaign Cabinet and is involved in the I.H. Asper School of Business’ Associates Program.  He also funded the Centara Music Festival.  Mr. Graves was the first Chair of the Board of Directors of the Smartpark Development Corporation.

Leo Ledohowski (May 2003):  Mr. Ledohowski is President and CEO of Canad Corporation, parent company of the largest and fastest growing hotel chain in the Province of Manitoba.  In addition to his business successes, Mr. Ledohowski is involved with the Associates Program at the I.H. Asper School of Business, and serves on the Board of Directors for Partners in the Park which oversees the Pavilion Gallery Museum, the Leo Mohl Sculpture Gardens and the Lyric Theatre at the Assiniboine Park.

Mary Richard (May 2003):  CEO of the Circle of Life Thunderbird House and Past-President of the Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg, Ms. Richard was a recipient of the National Aboriginal Achievement Award for 2003.  She was instrumental in ensuring the survival of Aboriginal languages in Manitoba.  She implemented the Manitoba Language Retention Programs during almost a decade of service as director of the Manitoba Association for Native Languages.  She has also established native housing, training and cultural projects, build bridges to the private sector, and established the plans for an Aboriginal Business District in Winnipeg.

Kerry Hawkins (May 2004):  Mr. Hawkins is President of Cargill Limited, one of Canada’s leading agricultural companies.  A staunch advocate of increased Aboriginal participation in the work force, Mr. Hawkins has served as Director of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, chairing its Manitoba chapter, and was also a member of the Canadian Aboriginal Economic Development Board.  Mr. Hawkins has served on the boards of cultural and community service organizations such as the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Junior Achievement of Canada and the Vanier Institute of the Family.  Mr. Hawkins has had a long connection with the University of Manitoba; he is a member of the Associates of the I.H. Asper School of Business and was a member of the honorary cabinet of the Building on Strengths: Campaign for the University of Manitoba.

Helen Hayles (May 2004):  Ms. Hayles is the Executive Director of the Volunteer Centre of Winnipeg Inc., a position she has held since she helped found the Centre in 1980.  Ms. Hayles served as President of Winnipeg Child and Family Services and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and chaired the board of the Winnipeg Foundation.  She also chaired the boards of the Canadian Association of Volunteer Bureaux/Centres and the Coalition of National Voluntary Organizations.  Ms. Hayles was a member of the honorary cabinet for the just-completed Building on Strengths: Campaign for the University of Manitoba.

Donald W. Whitmore (June 2006):  Mr. Whitmore is President of the Vector Construction Group and is best known for developing his firm’s expertise in structural concrete repair and restoration.  At the University of Manitoba, he is Board Chair of ISIS Canada, one of the national Networks of Centres of Excellence, that focuses on advanced composite materials and intelligent sensing technology for structures.  He is also on the Board of the Associates of the I.H. Asper School of Business and was divisional Chair of the fund-raising campaign for the Engineering and Information Complex.  Mr. Whitmore has served on the board of regional, provincial, national, and international construction associations throughout his career.

K. Garry Bolton (May 2009):  Garry Bolton graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1970 as a Mechanical Engineer.   He has worked in the consulting engineering field all of his career, both in Alberta and in Manitoba.  He returned to Manitoba in 1987 to assume a position with SMS Engineering (then Scouten Mitchell Sigurdson & Associates).  In 1997 Garry became Principal and now serves as the President of SMS> Garry has been extremely active in the engineering profession, serving as President of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Manitoba and the Chair of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada.  He has also been active with the Rotary Club of West Winnipeg, the Western Canada Aviation Museum and the Air Cadet League of Canada.  Garry was a co-chair on the Engineering and Information Technology Complex fundraising campaign.

Mark Evans (May 2009):  Mark Evans is thrice graduated from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Manitoba, with a B.Sc. In 1984, an M.Sc. In 1986 and a Ph.D. in 1988.  He joined the faculty in 1988 and became a tenured Associate Professor in 1994.  Starting in 1990, Mark developed a corporation called Emerging Information Systems Inc. (EISI) which has become the largest international supplier of software solutions to financial planners.  Despite the advantages in moving the company to a different part of the country or the world, Mark has steadfastly insisted that the future of EISI remain in Manitoba and he has built the corporation success largely on graduates from the University of Manitoba.  Mark was a co-chair on the Engineering and Information Technology Complex fundraising campaign.

Al Snyder (October 2009):  Al Snyder graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba in 1964 as a Civil Engineer.  He received his MBA from the University of Manitoba in 1976.  Al has built his career at Manitoba Hydro, rising through the ranks to the position of Vice-President (Transmission and Distribution) in 2000.  Al has been very active with various professional organizations including the Canadian Electricity Association, the Canadian Hydropower Association and the Energy Council of Canada.  He is also very well known fundraiser in Winnipeg, having played important roles in campaigns for the Manitoba Theatre Centre, the Health Sciences Centre Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes, CancerCare and Rotary International.  Al was a co-chair on the Engineering and Information Technology Complex fundraising campaign.

Conrad Wyryzkowski (May 2009):  A skilled farmer and respected Winnipeg lawyer, Mr. Wyryzkowski is also a recognized leader who has had a significant impact on his community and its people.  A graduate of the University of Manitoba, Mr. Wyryzkowski retired from his law practice in 2004.  Today, Mr. Wyryzkowski focuses on his family, farming, and serving his community through philanthropy and volunteerism.  He serves on the board of the St. Paul’s College Foundation and sits on several committees at the St. Boniface General Hospital.  For years, Mr. Wyryzkowski has offered a listening ear, prayers and communion to palliative care patients at the hospital.  He has also volunteered his services to L’Arche Winnipeg, the Catholic Retreat House Inc., and Villa Marie Retreat House in St. Norbert.  Mr. Wyryzkowski established the Wyryzkowski Family Bursary Fund in support of St. Paul’s College as well as the Evelyn and Conrad Wyryzkowski Fund to support cancer and cadiovascular research at the St. Boniface Hospital.