Distinguished Service Award


The Distinguished Service Award is the highest honour bestowed upon an individual by the Board of Governors. Distinguished Service Awards are awarded by the Board of Governors on the basis of distinguished contributions to Manitoba in areas which are of major interest to the University of Manitoba, and/or which are directly associated with the University.





1982-2009  |  2010-2029


Martin Weinberg (June 2010):  Mr. Weinberg completed the Canadian Securities Course in 1981, his Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) in 1983 from the University of Manitoba, received the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) in 1986, earned three Certificates of Achievement from the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts, and has written articles and studies on the subjects of value investing and asset allocation.  Over the past 23 years, Mr. Weinberg has worked hard to earn his respected and recognized reputation.  In 1987, he founded Loring Ward Investment Counsel.  Mr. Weinberg led the merger of Loring Ward and The Equion Group in 1995 resulting in the creation of Assante, an integrated wealth and investment management firm.  Assante was a TSX-listed company until 2003, when its Canadian operations were sold for nearly $1 billion.  Mr. Weinberg then served as Chairman and CEO of Loring Ward until mid 2005 when, demonstrating his commitment to Winnipeg, he relinquished his leadership of Loring Ward International rather than move to the United States.  Later in 2005, he founded the Canadian private equity investment firm, Canterbury Park Management Inc.  Mr. Weinberg inspires generosity in others by giving of his time and his wealth, championing causes, leading by example, and making a difference in health care and medical research (locally and internationally), human rights, quality of life, social responsibility, and the Jewish community here and in Israel.  In 2009 he received an Outstanding Volunteer Fundraisers Award from the Association for Fund Raising Professionals.

Edward Bailey (May 2011):  Mr. Ted Bailey has been a committed member of Canada's livestock and feed industry from the day he graduated from the University of Manitoba (BSA 1966). At the time of his retirement he was General Manager of Riverbend Feed Mill Ltd, and Senior Vice President of one of Western Canada's leading agribusinesses, the Landmark Group Inc. Ted is well recognized for his contributions to industry and government, including guidance for successful transitioning of Manitoba's egg industry to supply-management, identification of agriculture exemptions when the federal GST was introduced and service on national countervail committees related to international trade. Ted received the Canadian Feed Industry Golden Globe Award in 2007 for his leadership and commitment to the Canadian feed industry. Ted has displayed his commitment to the University of Manitoba through his long-term philanthropic activities and support of undergraduate student programs. Shortly after retirement, Ted agreed to chair a Faculty capital campaign for the National Centre for Livestock and the Environment and the Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre. In his role as Chair from 2005 to 2009, he assembled a group of industry volunteers, who collectively raised more than $8.3M, with continued interest and funds being generated even today.

David Northcott (June 2014):  David Northcott was appointed to the Order of Canada in 2012 for his passionate commitment to fighting poverty and hunger in Canada, which he fulfills from his platform as the Executive Director of Winnipeg Harvest. He has served in this capacity from 1985 until 2004, and again from 2007 to the present. As a fighter for social justice, Mr. Northcott shares his passion and wisdom with many other organizations. He is the chair of the Vanier Institute of the Family, and a board member for Artists in Healthcare Manitoba. He serves as Vice-President of the Manitoba Association of Food Banks, and he was the chair of the member council of Food Banks Canada. He is a former chair of Celebrate Canada (Manitoba Committee) and a former member of the National Anti-Poverty Organization, the National Council of Welfare, the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, and Youth Employment Services. He once served the boards of the Big Brothers and Big Sisters, the Western Canada Aviation Museum, and as chair of Volunteer Manitoba. He was also a member of Canada’s delegation to the United Nations Second World Food Summit. Through all his roles and works, he has impacted countless lives. Mr. Northcott is a model for how to live a life for others, and the University of Manitoba's Board of Governors is honoured to recognize him with its Distinguished Service Award.

Charles Huband (June 2014):  As a former judge and politician, an active community member and volunteer, The Honourable Charles Huband has enriched Manitoba on many fronts. The Honourable Huband earned his law degree from the University of Manitoba in 1955, and returned the following year to begin teaching as a casual lecturer. He has lectured on the Law of Trusts for over 40 years. After graduation, he became a well-known lawyer practicing in the area of civil litigation, ultimately  rising to senior partner in a Winnipeg law firm. He was elected to the Metropolitan Corporation of Greater Winnipeg in 1964 and served for two terms, including as vice-chair in his last year. He was elected leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party in 1975, resigning in 1978 to become a Manitoba Court of Appeal judge. He authored well over 2,000 judgments as a member of the Court, and in 1996, for his years of service to the legal profession, the Manitoba Bar Association presented him with its Distinguished Service Award. In 2007, he retired from the Court of Appeal and resumed private practice in Taylor McCaffrey LLP, where he is still active. The Honourable Huband has led an impactful life outside the law as well. He is an active member of Westminster United Church and chair of the Westminster Church Foundation. He was a founding member of Prairie Theatre Exchange and its first board chairperson. He remains a board member and chair of the PTE Foundation. He was also a founding board member and first chair of Westminster Housing Society. This charity provided good, affordable homes to lower-income tenants by rehabilitating older houses in the inner city. It has invigorated communities like West Broadway. The Honourable Huband continues to live in a way that transforms the lives of others and enriches our communities. We proudly honour him with the University of Manitoba's Board of Governors' Distinguished Service Award.