Board of Governors Members
Rennie Zegalski
Mr. Rennie Zegalski







Dr. David Barnard

Mr. Harvey Secter
Appointed by Government






Mr. Steve Demmings

Laurel Hyde
Ms Laurel Hyde

Kathryn Lee
Ms Kathryn Lee






Ms Judith Linden

Jane MacKenzie
Ms Jane MacKenzie






Mr. Rafi Mohammed





Dr. Marc Mollot





Mr. Kimber Osiowy





Mr. Michael Silicz

Appointed by Government (Students)

Ritika Khatkar
Ms Ritika Khatkar





Ms Heather Maxted

Kyle Mirecki
Mr. Kyle Mirecki

Elected by Senate

John Anderson
Dr. John Anderson

Jonathan Beddoes
Dr. Jonathan Beddoes

Jeff Taylor
Dr. Jeffery Taylor

Elected by Alumni






Ms Shona Connelly


Jeff Lieberman
Mr. Jeff Lieberman

Mr. Rennie Zegalski

Appointed by UMSU

Tanjit Nagra
Ms Tanjit Nagra






Ms Dara Hallock

Enoch Aiyeh
Mr. Enoch A-iyeh


Mr. Harvey Secter, Chancellor

Dr. David T. Barnard, President

Assessors (Non-voting)

Thomas Kucera Dr. Thomas Kucera, UMFA

Barry Stone
Mr. Barry Stone,
Support Staff






Mr. Randall Kinley,
Support Staff (alternate)



Secretary to the Board of Governors

Jeff Leclerc
Mr. Jeff Leclerc