University of Manitoba Travel Card


Why Obtain a University Travel Card?

The University Travel Card can be used for travel-related expenses (e.g. hotels, restaurants, car rental, etc.) and is reconciled in Concur.

Some travel insurance is included with this card when the cardholder is also the Traveler. For instance, rental collision/loss damage insurance is included for rental vehicles.

Use of the card is not mandatory, but it does have advantages. For instance, it helps to prevent Travelers from being out-of-pocket for expenses while travelling, and it’s also easy to reconcile the charges, as they will appear in Concur automatically. 

How Do I Obtain a Card?

  1. Read and complete the following forms:
  2. Mail the completed forms to Travel Services, room 412 Administration Building.

 Additional Information

  • For information on how to pay for personal expenses (such as late payment charges), visit Travel Online Banking
  • For information regarding the Travel Card rental car policy visit our Travel Insurance section

For further information about this or the University VISA Purchasing Card, please contact the Credit Card Coordinator at or 204-474-6090.