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Emergency Assistance

If you are a Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) traveler and need to make changes to or cancel a flight, please call:

  • 1-866-855-9850
  • If it is after hours, or you are en route and require emergency assistance, call 1-866-361-5078.



Air travel arrangements maybe made using one of the following alternatives:

• Concur is the recommended booking method for domestic, trans-border (Canada-USA), and direct international flights.

•  Carlson Wagonlit Travel is the recommended booking method for flights which are complex in nature (for example, group flights, multi-city destinations, and most international flights). A transaction fee applies, and any University negotiated discounts will automatically be applied by the travel agent.

•  Direct airfare bookings can be made when traveling to remote areas within a foreign country not available through Concur or Carlson Wagonlit Travel. The University issued Travel Credit Card may be used in these cases.

•  Direct booking on airline websites, through other travel agencies, or through other travel websites may be made using the University issued Travel Credit Card. Claimants may submit a Claim for this airfare in advance of travel in order to avoid incurring late fees on the Travel Credit Card.

Carlson Wagonlit Travel may be contacted by phone at 1-866-855-9850 or by e-mail to

Car Rentals

The Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO) Car Rental Program Agreement with Enterprise Rent a Car provides North American rates for all Canadian Universities. While we recommend Travellers arrange their car rentals through Concur (as we have several University discounts), car rentals may be booked in whichever way is deemed best / most economical. When comparing prices from different sources, be sure to factor in all of the relevant taxes first. If paying for the rental with your Travel and Expense Visa Card, please review the for more information.

Local Car Rentals
The University of Manitoba Business Vehicle Rental Procedures (within Winnipeg)
University staff are able to rent a wide variety of vehicles at a low cost from private agencies such as Enterprise Rent-a-Car and National Car Rental. These agencies offer compact, economy, mid-size and full size cars; full-size passenger vans and mini-vans and cargo vans and trucks including SUVs with towing capacity. These agencies can provide free vehicle pick-up and delivery from their nearest Winnipeg location.

Purchasing Services has outlined several options for renting vehicles. For more information, please contact Purchasing Services (204) 474-8348.  Below are your options:

Currently, the University uses several car rental agencies, however the following is known for its service and pricing:

Option 1
  1. Book directly with the rental agency using the Corporate Account #.
  2. Use your University Travel card to reserve and pay for the rental. If you do not have a University Travel card, please use a personal credit card.
  3. If using the corporate University Travel card, Damage and Collision insurance is not necessary. The University Travel card agreement covers off these items. If using a personal credit card, please know the specific credit card agreement. If uncertain, please opt to purchase the extra insurances offered.
  4. Reimbursement for this expense (on either the University Travel card or personal credit card) can be done using the regular reimbursement procedures through Travel Services.

Option 2 - Long-term, specialized or greater than $2,500 rentals:

  1. Contact the rental agency to source out vehicle options and/or availability.
  2. Forward completed and authorized Requisition to Purchase to Purchasing Services (fax: 474-7509).
  3. Forward the Requisition at least 5 business days prior to needing the vehicle.


While we recommend Travellers to arrange their accommodations through Concur (as we have several University discounts), hotels may be booked in whichever way is deemed best / most economical.

When comparing prices from different sources, be sure to factor in all of the relevant taxes first. Reimbursement for accommodation will be limited to reasonable amounts and normally will not exceed the single occupancy rate.

Travel Insurance

While travelling on University business, flight cancellation insurance, while optional, is an allowable expense. Insurance for car rentals is also an eligible expense (Note: if the primary driver of the rental vehicle pays for the rental in full with his/her University Travel and Expense Visa Card, then damage and collision insurance is provided with the card. Some exceptions apply. For more information, review the US Bank VISA Insurance Certificate.

Insurance on personally owned vehicles is the responsibility of the owner and is not an allowable expense. In regards to travel health insurance, supplementary health insurance provided by the University for full-time staff is considered to be adequate and, as a result, no other form of travel health insurance will be reimbursed for travel, unless due to unusual health conditions.”