Supplier Payment Services Support

Business Unit Support Contacts - Click here
If you work at the University and require assistance regarding Supplier invoices, credits or payments, please contact the team member for your area as listed in the Business Unit support document above.

To assist us in providing you with the best service, please only email the appropriate team member.

412 Administration Building
General Inquiries (204) 474-6632
Daniel Soifer, SPS Coordinator
(204) 474-9825
Kim Zamkotowich, Account Assistant
(204) 474-6300
Anita Gomez, Account Assistant
(204) 474-7896
Jun Lee, Account Assistant
(204) 474-9153
Inger Pasieka, Account Assistant
(204) 474-8602
Nolan Garrioch, Account Assistant
(204) 474-8033
Marina Grinic, Account Assistant
(204) 474-9285
Mylene David, Account Assistant
(204) 474-1055