Payment Options

Payments made within Canada 

Electronic Payment

In Person or Payment by Mail

Payments made from Outside Canada

Credit Card Payments

 The University of Manitoba does not accept credit cards for degree/diploma program courses. 



International Students

Electronic Payment

Online Banking is the preferred method of payment. Payments can be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere in the world.

Sign up by contacting your financial institution and set up the University of Manitoba as a payee. You will be asked for an account number. This is your seven digits student identification number.

Note: If your financial institution requires more than 7 digits as an account number, enter zeros as your lead digits (i.e. 001234567).
The University will record the payment date as the date processed by the bank, not the date received by the University. Allow 2-3 business days to see your payment posted to your Aurora Student Account.

See right side of page for direct links to major financial institutions.


You must be a member of TelPay, an electronic and telphone bill payment service, to pay your fees using this method. For more information, please call TelPay at (204)-947-9300 or visit:

Note: The University will record the payment date as the date processed by the bank, not the date received by the University. Allow 7 - 10 business days to see your payment posted to your Aurora Student Account.

Higher Ed Points

Pay your tuition and other charges on your student account by converting Aeroplan® Miles through HigherEdPoints.  Family and friends can also donate their points to an individual student, or directly to University of Manitoba for students in need. Refer to HigherEdPoints for details.


Fort Garry Campus
Room 138 University Centre
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2
Phone: 204-474-8222 or 204-474-8716

Cash or Debit

Payment by Cash or Debit can be made in person at cashier office. If paying by Debit, please ensure you know your daily spending  / withdrawal limit. If your limit is not enough to cover your fees, you will have to contact your financial institution (phone number on back of debit card) to request a temporary increase.

Cheque, Bank Draft or Money Order

Cheque, Bank Draft or Money Order payments can be made in person at cashier office or can be placed in our secure Express Drop Box.

Express Drop Box locations are available at: Fort Garry Campus - 138 University Centre.    Bannatyne Campus - P001 Pathology Building

 Cheques, Bank Drafts or Money Orders must:

  • Have a current date (post-dated cheques will be assessed applicable late fees)
  • If 2 NSF cheques occur, no further cheques accepted.
  • Be payable to "University of Manitoba"
  • Have matching written and numerical amounts
  • Be signed
  • Write your student number and phone number on the front of the cheque
  • A $30 charge, plus applicable late fees, will apply to all returned cheques
  • Payments drawn on US banks should be made in person 
  • Payment other than tuition should be clearly indicated
By Mail

Write your student number and phone number on the front of the cheque or bank draft (payable to "University of Manitoba") and mail to:

Cashiers' Office
University of Manitoba
138 University Centre
Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3T 2N2

Do not mail cash.
The University is not responsible for mail service delivery. If a payment is received past the fee deadline date, a late payment fee will be assessed regardless of postmark date.


If your on-line bank statement is not sufficient proof for a receipt, our Cashier's Office will provide one to you upon request.
If you require a receipt for tax purposes, please note that this information is included in the T2202A tax form available to students in February each year.

Payments made from Outside Canada


To protect students, funder, the University and to comply with Canada’s anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing regulations, money sent to the University will be used only to pay tuition and other student fees.  Overpayments of accounts will be applied to future term balances. 

Payments for other personal and living expenses must be sent to your personal bank account.  For instructions on opening a Canadian bank account, please “click here” for instructions or visit the “International Centre for Students” webpage.

Exceptions to this will only be for the first year “Prepaying Tuition”. 


Making Your Payments

The University of Manitoba has partnered with two organizations to provide you with simple, fast, cost effective and transparent payment options to pay your school related fees from any bank, in any country and in any currency.  

GlobalPay and PayMyTuition are both committed to supporting higher education and improving the international student payment experience.  We encourage you to review both options to find a solution to best fit your international payment needs.

GlobalPay  (offered by Western Union Business Solutions)

 Click Here to use GlobalPay

  • Need more info? Please click here to see GlobalPay Info Sheet or click here for a video showing how the process works.
  • Option for International Students in China: Instructions step by step in EnglishChinese 


PayMyTuition  (offered by MTFX)


  • Need more info? Please click here to see how to make your payment using PayMyTuition
  • Price match guarantee click here


Other payment options from outside of Canada

If your country or territory is listed with GlobalPay or PayMyTuition, we ask that you use those payment options.  In addition to the benefits they offer you, these partners allow us to process high volumes of international payments in a timely manner.

If your country or territory is not listed with one of these two partners, please email to request alternate options, stating your student number and the country funds are being transferred from. * Note:  Additional fees may be charged for these alternate options.*


Prepaying Tuition

  • If you are required to pay tuition and living expenses before your arrival, money received will be held pending your arrival in Canada and registration in classes.
  • After course registration has closed and fees are finalized for the term, a one time refund can be requested/processed, not to exceed $10,000.00; depending on funds remaining available on the student account. No further refunds will be permitted on payments received from outside Canada.
  • To find out if you are required to pay tuition fees and living expenses in advance, please contact your local Canadian visa office for more information. Visit to find your local visa office.
  • In the event you do not come to the University, the deposit, less any non refundable fees and charges, will be refunded to the original payor through GlobalPay or PayMyTuition.
You must first provide the following to RSGA: 1) A copy of the letter from the Embassy indicating that your study permit application was denied or withdrawn, and 2) Email request to ""
  • If a student does not arrive in Canada, funds will be returned to sender. For information about Refunds, please click here.


Other Information

Residence Payment

Please refer to

Fee Estimate Letters

If Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) requires students to forward funds to cover their first year tuition and school fees (and possibly living expenses) prior to registration, the International Centre for Students can provide students with an estimate of their tuition, school fees, and living expenses. To request an estimate, students can contact the International Centre for Students at


Students requiring receipts should contact A receipt will be processed and e-mailed to your e-mail account referenced in your Aurora Student account. If an original receipt is required it can be mailed to you upon request.

Note: Receipt requests will not be processed for funds in transit.