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The New Service Agreement is Live!

Effective Monday June 3, 2019 the new Service Agreement replaced the standard Independent Contract Agreement (ICA). 

Focused on streamlining the process & procedures to initiate a Service Agreement with Suppliers and Individuals the this update means:

• Reduction of paper forms required
     o No schedules A, B, C, or D
     o No Certificates of Status, Articles of Incorporation or evidence of legal name
• Streamlined request process
• Modernized review and approval processes
• Standardized terms and conditions
• Increased automation for approvals, creating the agreement & communications

The new procedures include updated forms to manage agreements that engage Individuals (without a business registration number) and refreshed fields in EPIC to manage agreements with Suppliers (with a business registration number).

Want more details?

Full details are available on the Purchasing Services - Contracts and Agreements webpage

Need help navigating the updated process in EPIC?

Check out the How to Create a Contract Request Guide and Quick Reference Guide for Service Agreements

What forms do you use?

Updated forms and instructions are available on the Financial Services Forms webpage

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EPIC Commodity Code Quick List

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Check the EPIC Commodity Code Quick List!

Use this list to help find the best fit for the product or service you are purchasing. 


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