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Travel and Business Expense Claim Procedure - What You Need to Know

As you may be aware, from September 2016 to June 2017 the Travel and Expense Steering Committee, chaired by Dr. Kelley Main, undertook a large-scale, multi-stakeholder engagement strategy to bring forward recommendations for improvement to travel and expense policies, procedures, and processes. The Committee’s recommendations to improve the University’s travel booking and expense management processes have been accepted. The revised Procedure can be found here.

The presentation reviewing these updates can be found at the following link and a summary of the changes is available on the Travel Services website.

Electronic Distribution of T4 Slips



 The University of Manitoba is pleased to inform you that T4 slips for 2017 and any subsequent years will be provided to all our active employees through electronic access to Employee Self Service (ESS) portal. You will be able to view/print your T4 slips in a convenient manner similar to the way you currently access your pay statements through secure log-in to ESS, which has been operational for several years.

Please click HERE for the official communication and detail information.



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