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December Deadlines

Tuesday December 3, 2019
Paper travel claims (Guest/Student) to be paid prior to the University closure must be submitted to Travel Services by 4:30pm
Tuesday December 3, 2019
Concur travel and expense claims to be paid prior to the University closure must be submitted to Travel Services by 4:30pm
Tuesday December 3, 2019

All Supplier invoices (EPIC & Banner related) must be received in Supplier Payment Services (SPS) by 4:30pm 

Any invoices received after this deadline are not guaranteed to be processed for payment before the break.

Tuesday December 3, 2019

All foreign wires/drafts must be received in Supplier Payment Services (SPS) by 4:30pm

*Due to banking deadlines, SPS will not be able to process any payments that require a wire or draft received after this date until the New Year.

Friday December 13, 2019
All EPIC IR's must be reconciled and approved by 4:30pm in order to remit on the last cheque run deadline of Tuesday December 17, 2019 listed below
Tuesday December 17, 2019
This will be the last date SPS will be producing cheques for payments to Suppliers until the New Year.
Friday December 20, 2019
This date will be the last Direct Deposit of 2019 for payments to staff.
e.g. Travel expense claim payment
External invoices (FAST AR), budget adjustments and journal entries can be backdated to a December date after the holiday break until January 7, 2020.

Questions related to  invoices and payments can be directed to Kim Zamkotowich at 204-474-6300 or Daniel Soifer at 204-474-9825

Need assistance with a Travel Claim or have questions related to the travel expense or Concur process please contact Travel Services at 204-480-1001 ext.1

If you have other questions on financial processes or need help with one of our systems, contact Aurora Finance Customer Service at 204-480-1001


The New Service Agreement is Live!

Effective Monday June 3, 2019 the new Service Agreement replaced the standard Independent Contract Agreement (ICA). 

Focused on streamlining the process & procedures to initiate a Service Agreement with Suppliers and Individuals the this update means:

• Reduction of paper forms required
     o No schedules A, B, C, or D
     o No Certificates of Status, Articles of Incorporation or evidence of legal name
• Streamlined request process
• Modernized review and approval processes
• Standardized terms and conditions
• Increased automation for approvals, creating the agreement & communications

The new procedures include updated forms to manage agreements that engage Individuals (without a business registration number) and refreshed fields in EPIC to manage agreements with Suppliers (with a business registration number).

Want more details?

Full details are available on the Purchasing Services - Contracts and Agreements webpage

Need help navigating the updated process in EPIC?

Check out the How to Create a Contract Request Guide and Quick Reference Guide for Service Agreements

What forms do you use?

Updated forms and instructions are available on the Financial Services Forms webpage

Previous news related to this initiative May 15, 2019 Announcement


EPIC Commodity Code Quick List

Need some assistance with finding a commodity code for your EPIC purchase request?

Check the EPIC Commodity Code Quick List!

Use this list to help find the best fit for the product or service you are purchasing. 




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