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Financial Planning Office's Role

Resource allocation is among our most important annual initiatives.  It is a process that allows us to operationalize our strategic priorities and ensure that we are appropriately supporting student success, research and scholarly work, and our academic mandate overall.

The Financial Planning Office supports the process which is led by the Provost & Vice-President (Academic) through the Integrated Planning Office.  A few of our main responsibilities include:

• Participation in the development of the annual request to academic and administrative units for the submission of strategic resource plans.
• Review of all unit planning submissions for reasonableness to inform and guide institutional budget development and resource allocation decisions.  This includes advising and providing feedback relating to financial components of completed submissions to the Integrated Planning Office and to the units.
• Participation in the development of long and short term fiscal strategy and planning options to achieve the University’s strategic objectives.
• Development of materials in support of the Strategic and Resource Planning process to assist with decision making to ensure appropriate resource allocation.
• Participation in the alignment of the University’s resources with academic priorities and key strategic initiatives through analytical review of operational strategy, performance results and resource allocation strategy.
• Preparation of financially related reports for distribution to members of various groups such as the Budget Monitoring & Planning Committee, the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) and the President’s Executive Team (PET).

To learn more details about the Strategic Resource Planning process see: