Graduate Fellowships

Some 3,200 graduate students from Canada and around the world are enrolled here today. They are studying and engaged in research with professors who are first-rate educators and known internationally for their research. Today the university is able to provide full support to the equivalent of 426 graduate students per year, but being able to offer some level of financial assistance to each of our graduate students has to be a priority.

Fellowship incentives are a factor in a student's decision to stay to pursue graduate studies at the University of Manitoba or be lured away by another institute offering a more attractive financial package.  Similarly, the number and value of fellowships a university can offer is critical to retaining first-class faculty members, who often look for a solid base of graduate students to carry out their research programs.

To remain financially competitive with other institutions and to attract and retain the best, we must allocate significant dollars to graduate student support. You can help by supporting graduate fellowships.