Scholarships and Bursaries

Your gift to scholarships and bursaries plays an integral role in helping students with the financial burden of post-secondary education and rewarding them for their efforts.  Likewise, the number and value of these awards assists the university in attracting some of the best and brightest students to its programs.  Depending on your wishes, you can have an award established in someone’s honour, help a student in financial need, reward an individual’s academic achievements, serve an underrepresented sector of society and much more.  

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Frequently Asked Questions About Student Awards

Q) What are scholarships?
Scholarships are offered on the basis of academic achievement to encourage promising students to pursue further courses in a specific area of study. University of Manitoba scholarships help attract the best and brightest students to our institution.

Q) What are bursaries?
A) Bursaries are awarded to students on the basis of financial need and good academic standing. Bursaries help the University of Manitoba open its doors to ALL individuals who have a desire to learn, regardless of their financial situation.
Q) What are fellowships?
A) Many students have a desire to continue their education beyond an undergraduate degree. Fellowships help us recruit and retain the best graduate students in order for them to conduct their innovative research at the University of Manitoba. Increasing the number of fellowships awarded at the university is one of our biggest priorities.

Q) What are the differences between an endowed award and an annually funded award?
A) Endowments provide a permanent and ever-increasing source of income for scholarships, bursaries or awards. The money is invested in stocks and bonds for the purpose of increasing and retaining principal. Only the interest revenue generated from that principal is spent on an award. With an annually sponsored award, the entire amount of a donor’s gift each year is directed to students.

Q) If I wanted to set up an endowed scholarship or establish an annually funded bursary, how much should I contribute?
A) Scholarships can cover tuition, tuition and textbooks, residence living or a single course. Bursaries can cover the cost of a course or half of a course.

Q) What type of award is needed most?
A) The University of Manitoba’s main priority is to increase the amount and number of fellowships available to our graduate students.

Q) Can I set up an award in my name or a family member’s name?
A) Awards can be named in honour of a family member, a professor, a colleague, a community leader, or a notable event, and will often encourage students in the same field as the person being honoured.