Types of Gifts

Recent tax changes have given rise to new opportunities to structure charitable gifts to minimize tax and maximize other financial benefits.  This gift planning process can help you achieve your personal financial goals and provide vital support to causes that are important to you.  The university's Department of Development offers experienced staff members who are knowledgeable about tax-efficient gift alternatives, funding priorities and gift opportunities.

Read on to learn more about the various types of planned gifts that can be established at the University of Manitoba.  

Personal Property
Life Insurance
Publicly Traded Securities
Charitable Gift Annuities
Pension Funds/RRIFs/RRSPs
Real Estate
Tax-Free Savings Account
Transfer of Stock

Establishing a Bequest in Your Will

Express your enduring support to the University of Manitoba by making a personal legacy gift in your will.  Your estate will receive a tax credit for the gift that could help reduce estate taxes owing.  Click here for more information on Establishing a Bequest in Your Will (pdf) and Suggested Will Clauses (pdf).

Click here for a tax credit calculator.

The Planned Giving department is dedicated to finding the best way for you to create your legacy. If you are considering a planned gift, we recomend you seek assistance from your financial planner and/or legal counsel. You may also want to view our professional advisors section for information on lawyers' duties, executors' duties and Manitoba laws which can affect your estate.


Gifts Involving Trusts

There are many reasons why you may wish to create a trust.  Click here for a Sample Charitable Remainder/Residual Trust Agreement or for more information on Gifts Involving Trusts (pdf).


Gifts of Personal Property

There are times when you may want to consider donating personal property to a charity.  Canada Revenue Agency calls a gift of personal property a gift-in-kind, and defines it as: a gift of property other than cash such as capital property (including depreciable property) and personal-use property (including listed personal property).  A gift in kind does not include a gift of services.  Click here for more information on Gifts of Personal Property (pdf).


Life Insurance

Many donors have found life insurance to be a rewarding way of making a large future gift to university, while providing tax credits that can be used now.  Premiums that are paid on a donated life insurance policy are eligible for a charitable tax receipt. Click here to find out Making a Gift of Life Insurance (pdf).


Gifts of Publicly Traded Securities

A gift of publicly traded securities such as stocks, bonds or mutual funds can help reduce your capital gains tax owing.  to access a transfer of stock form.


Guaranteed Income for Life - Charitable Gift Annuities

A charitable gift annuity is a way for you to make a gift to the University of Manitoba and also receive guaranteed income for life.   Click here for more information about Guaranteed Income for Life With The Charitable Gift Annuity (pdf) and a Sample Charitable Gift Annuity Contract.

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Pension Funds/RRIFs/RRSPs

It is possible, easy and can help preserve your estate value to make donations through beneficiary designations on these funds. Click here for more information.


Gifts of Real Estate

There are times when it might make sense to consider making your charitable gifts through real estate, especially if capital gains are a consideration. Find out more about the procedures for these gifts.


Tax-Free Savings Account

Starting in 2009, the Government of Canada provided a new way for Canadian residents, 18 years or older, to set money aside tax-free over their lifetimes through a tax-free savings account (TFSA).



The purpose of information provided is to provide general information, not to render legal advice. Any changes in the tax structure may affect the examples listed in information provided. You should consult your own lawyer or other professional advisor about the applicability to your situation.


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