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Welcome, from the Gift Planning team at the University of Manitoba! 

Many people wonder what the terms “planned giving” or “planned gift” mean. Simply put, a planned gift takes into account your charitable desires while factoring in the tax advantages and/or estate planning benefits of the gift. The gift may be outright and given now, or it could be a future gift arranged now but not received by us until a later date.

Planned gifts come in many forms - current gifts, such as charitable gift annuities or gifts of stock; or future gifts, such as bequests through a will.  Feel free to explore our website to learn about the many different ways you can plan a gift to the University of Manitoba, and keep in mind that we are ready and happy to answer any questions you may have.

Types of Planned Gifts

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For more information on ways you can make a gift, view our planned giving booklet.

Planned Giving Booklet





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For more information on planned giving, visit the Leave a Legacy website.


Monica Carlberg, B.Sc.
Planned Giving Officer
Ph: 204.474.7424

Jennifer Triggs
Development Coordinator
Ph: 204.474.7120