A. Accountability
Gifts to the university shall be reported in a manner consistent with the standards recommended by the Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO), the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) and the Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education (CCAE).

Gifts to the university and accompanying correspondence are handled with discretion. Development & Advancement Services maintains records required by Canada Revenue Agency for Receipting purposes. Access to these records is restricted to appropriate staff in Development & Advancement Services and the Comptroller’s Office and senior executives of the university.

The university will not release the names of alumni, friends and donors to unrelated organizations.

The university will comply with any legal obligation to disclose names of donors and the nature of their gifts (for example, obligations that may arise under the Income Tax Act, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act or other relevant statutes).

B. Trusteeship
The university encourages donors to make donations directly to the university to minimize the costs of investment and administration of trust and endowment funds. The university’s Trust and Endowment Funds are professionally managed and administered in accordance with The University of Manitoba Act and the University’s Investment Policy Statement as amended periodically.

However, where the donor wishes to establish a private foundation and requests that one or more university representative(s) act as directors of the Foundation, the Committee must approve of such appointments.

C. Investment
With regard to the administration of invested funds:

  • Investments will be consistent with The University of Manitoba Act and The University of Manitoba’s Investment Policy Statement as it may be revised periodically.
  • Pooled funds are held within the University Investment Trust, and the investments are managed by professional investment managers appointed by the Trust Investment Committee. The Endowment Investment Committee monitors the performance of the endowment fund managers.
  • The university will provide donors of endowed funds with an annual financial report of their fund, and, in the case of student awards, appropriate information about the recipients of scholarship assistance if so requested.

D. Recognition

1. General Recognition Policies
Gifts to the university will generally be recognized as follows:

  • All forms of recognition are respectful of donor wishes.
  • Donations are recorded regardless of the size of gift and recognized, unless the donor requests anonymity.
  • The university will undertake other such activities as may be provided for in accordance with stewardship and donor recognition policies and practices as they may be amended from time to time.

2. Receipting vs. Recognition Issues
It is important to differentiate between who is receiving the Receipt and who is being recognized for the gift. The rules regarding issuance of Receipts (Section IV D) do not apply to recognition. Recognition for a gift can be given to whomever the donor wishes (within reason).  Some examples are: 

  • A person who sends a donation from a corporation or holding company is not entitled to a Receipt in his/her name but can be recognized personally for the gift.
  • A person can make a contribution “on behalf ” of someone else.  In this case the university would issue the Receipt to the person actually giving the gift, but recognize the person indicated by the donor.
  • A company can make a gift and indicate that recognition should be given to an individual.
  • An individual can make a gift and indicate that recognition should be given to a company.
  • In all of the above situations, as long as the Receipt is made out as per the Receipt recipient guidelines, recognition can be given as per each donor’s wishes.

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