Wayfinding Strategy


To help ensure the ability of students, visitors and staff to conveniently and confidently navigate the campus, the university released its Fort Garry Campus Wayfinding Strategy in early 2013 (find the link, right). Wayfinding – the experience and action of getting from point A to point B via the strategic use of visual cues – is a key component in enhancing the Fort Garry campus.

The strategy was developed through engagement and consultation with students, visitors and staff, who were asked to either meet to discuss their experiences of the campus or to fill out a questionnaire. Respondents included students, event users (including Bison Sports), first time users and staff.

Wayfinding Issues on Campus

  • A review of respondents’ feedback revealed several main issues:
  • There is a lack of wayfinding information of campus (specifically physical signage and directional stands/kiosks)
  • The campus lacks a sense of arrival
  • Temporary signage is ‘haphazard’ and uncoordinated
  • Printed and electronic wayfinding products are non-existent, inaccessible or inconsistently branded
  • Building, parking lot and tunnel signage is inconsistently branded

Wayfinding Recommendations
In responding to wayfinding issues and needs, the Strategy outlines seven key recommendations:

  1. Establish a Recognizable Identity for Wayfinding
  2. Refresh existing web-based maps and incorporate a ‘Travelling to Campus’ function
  3. Investigate adding wayfinding function to the university’s existing mobile application
  4. Utilize directional/orientation kiosks, panels or signs as vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding tools
  5. Address interior, exterior building, parking lots and tunnel signage
  6. Create a program for temporary signage
  7. Arrival on campus: entranceway enhancement

Next Steps and Implementation

Recommendations one, four and six are currently undergoing implementation. This process consists of a design phase for creating a distinct look and feel for wayfinding products at the Fort Garry campus.



Click on the above link to download a pdf of the Wayfinding Strategy