Visionary (re)Generation Open International Design Competition

There are three phases to the University of Manitoba Campus Master Planning Process.

The first phase involves the collection of ideas from all stakeholders to create the visioning framework for the competition brief. 

The second phase is Visionary (re)Generation Open International Design Competition. This phase begins with the competition launch in January 2013 and ends with the awards ceremony for the Area Master Plan, anticipated in October 2013. 

The third or final phase begins with the contract award to the winning design team; a multi-disciplinary team that will engage in an area master plan development process with the University and community stakeholders. It is important to note that stakeholder engagement is not a specific phase but rather a continuous process that will be carried throughout each phase of the integrated master planning process.

A dedicated competition website will be launched in November 2012. In the meantime, preliminary information about the competition and competition team can be found below.


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