Visionary (re)Generation

Visionary (re)Generation refers as a whole to the process of planning, designing, and reimagining the University of Manitoba’s Fort Garry campus both now and into the future. This process began with the Open International Design Competition for the campus and the former Southwood golf course, which ran from December 2012 to October 2013. It is now continuing as the University works with the winning team, in collaboration with University and community stakeholders, to develop two important documents: the new Visionary (re)Generation Master Plan for the Fort Garry campus, and Local Area Plan for the Southwood Lands.

What is the Visionary (re)Generation Master Plan?
The Visionary (re)Generation Master Plan will guide design and development of the University of Manitoba Fort Garry Campus over the next 30 years.   The Plan is not a blueprint for specific buildings but a flexible decision-making framework that supports the evolution of the current Fort Garry Campus into a vibrant, walkable, accessible and connected campus community.  The Visionary (re)Generation Master Plan contains policy, maps and diagrams that support the type of campus environment we hope to create in the long term. 

Who is the Visionary (re)Generation Master Plan for? 
The Visionary (re)Generation Master Plan is a resource for the entire Fort Garry campus community.  This Plan will be used by University administration when approving proposed development projects on campus.  The Plan is also a public document and its direction was informed by a comprehensive public engagement process. The Visionary (re)Generation plan can be used by students, staff, faculty and neighbouring community members to familiarize themselves with University design and planning directions.  Together, with this Plan as a resource, we can create the transformative University of Manitoba Fort Garry campus of the future.

The Southwood Lands
Although the Visionary (re)Generation Master Plan provides a high level vision for Southwood development including its integration with the Fort Garry campus, the Visionary (re)Generation Master Plan will not guide development in Southwood.  The City of Winnipeg’s land use strategy Complete Communities has designated the Southwood Lands as a Major Redevelopment Site.  As part of this designation the City requires a specific planning process to occur prior to the development of these lands.  Detailed policy and design frameworks for Southwood will be addressed in a separate but complimentary Local Area Plan that will undergo City of Winnipeg Council approval process.  The plan for Southwood will be administered by an arm’s length entity on behalf of the University.


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Visionary (re)Generation Master Plan



Visionary (re)Generation Engagement Report

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