About the Campus Planning Office

The Campus Planning Office (CPO) guides physical development at the University of Manitoba through two distinct, yet related, processes:

  • Space Planning, which includes evaluation and analysis to identify units’ space needs to ensure efficient and optimal use of campus space. This also includes the gathering of data on space utilization and inventory at the University.
  • Campus Planning, which refers to exterior physical development of the University’s campuses and lands (buildings, open spaces, transportation systems, landscape, and proposals for new development, among others). This includes the creation and implementation of campus plans and the alignment of development processes with those plans.

Current and ongoing projects in our unit include the following:

  • Campus Plan Implementation process
  • Southwood Lands Local Area Plan
  • Implementation Process for Indigenous Planning  and Design Principles
  • Transportation Strategy (collaborating with the Office of Sustainability)
  • Open Space Strategy
  • University Space Inventory
  • Space Optimization Initiatives
  • University of Manitoba Wayfinding Strategy

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