Teaching Excellence

Every year, many of Canada's best and brightest students come to the University of Manitoba to discover their strengths, pursue their dreams and forge their futures.

Combine these sharp, inquisitive minds with world-class professors who bring expertise and knowledge to the classroom every day and you have a dynamic collaboration that inspires excellence.

Sharing in the quest for a vaccine for HIV/AIDS, unlocking the mysteries of the ancient world in Africa, mastering a tricky jazz riff, or conducting climate change research on an ice-breaker in the Arctic as part of an international team, University of Manitoba students have the opportunity to work alongside the best research minds in the world.

University of Manitoba faculty know the importance of sharing their research and scholarship with students and they do so every time they step into the classroom. 

Meet a few members of our faculty, and keep checking back as we will be highlighting many of our educators over the coming months:

Mary Benbow, 
associate dean of the Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources, inspires passion and intellectual curiosity in her students, connecting with them to create an unforgettable student experience.

 James Blatz,
associate head, civil engineering, shares his geotechnical know-how and genuine interest in soil properties and composition with his students.

Vanessa Warne, 
a gifted teacher and researcher in the department of English, brings an enthusiasm to the classroom that is infectious.