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Aerial photographs of the Fort Garry campus looking east and looking west.

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admin panorama
Administration Building

Duckworth Quad
Duckworth Quadrangle

Robson Hall
Robson Hall

Wallace Building
Wallace Building

Detailed plans of each building are available from Physical Plant.

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Fort Garry Campus map

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Building by Name
Building by Number

Administration Building [16] G5
  1 Robson Hall (Law) K4

Agriculture Canada Research Station [8] J6
  2 University College J4

Agricultural Engineering [32] E7
  4 Duff Roblin Building H4

Agriculture Building [38] D7
  5 Human Ecology H4

Agriculture Services Complex [51] A9
  6 Elizabeth Dafoe Library H5

Allen Building (Physics) [20] F3
  7 Fletcher Argue Building H5

Alumni House [11] H7
  8 Agriculture Canada Research Station J6

Animal Science/Entomolgy [49] B7
  9 Isbister Building H6

Animal Science Research Unit [56] C7
10 Tier Building H6

Architecture II Building [40] D6
11 Alumni House H7

Armes Lecture Building [19] H5
12 Drake Centre H7

Bison Building (Faculty of Nursing) [27] E4
13 Pembina Hall/University Club G7

Buller Building [17] G4
14 Mary Speechly Hall F8

Campus Day Care Centre [45] B2
15 Tache Hall G7

Ceramic/Sculpture Building [36] D8
16 Administration Building G5

Continuing Education Complex [47] B5
17 Buller Building G4

Dairy Science [31] F7
18 Machray Hall H3

Drake Centre [12] H7
19 Armes Lecture Building G3

Duff Roblin Building [4] H4
20 Allen Building (Physics) F3

Education Building [41] D5
21 Parker Building (Chemistry) G3

Elizabeth Dafoe Library [6] H5
22 Wallace Building (Geology) G2

Ellis Building (Food and Soil Sciences) [50] B8
23 St. John's College E3

Engineering Building [28] E6
24 Pharmacy Building F4

Fitzgerald Building [25] F4
25 Fitzgerald Building F4

Fletcher Argue Building [7] H5
26 University Centre F5

Frank Kennedy Physical Education Centre [48] B6
27 Bison Building (Faculty of Nursing) E4

Freshwater Institute [52] A7
28 Engineering Building F6

Human Ecology [5] H4
29 Services Building (Campus Police) E6

Information Centre [53] A6
30 Russell Building (Architecture) E6

Isbister Building [9] H6
31 Dairy Science F7

Machray Hall [18] G3
32 Agricultural Engineering E7

Mary Speechly Hall [14] F8
33 Powerhouse F8

Max Bell Centre [46] B4
34 Physical Plant/Energy Management E8

Music, School of [39] D6
35 Stores Building D8

Pan American Games Gymanasium [54] B3
36 Ceramic/Sculpture Building D8

Parker Building [21] G3
38 Agriculture Building D7

Pembina Hall/University Club [13] G7
39 School of Music D6

Pharmacy [24] F4
40 Architecture II Building D6

Physical Plant/Energy Management [34] E8
41 Education Building D5

Powerhouse [33] F8
42 St. Paul's College D3

Robson Hall (Law) [1] K4
43 Sinnott Building (N.R.I.) D3

Russell Building Architecture [30] E6
44 St. Andrew's College C1

St. Andrew's College [44] C1
45 Campus Day Care Centre B2

St. John''s College [23] E3
46 Max Bell Centre B4

St. Paul's College [42] D3
47 Continuing Education Complex B5

Services Building (Campus Police) [29] E6
48 Frank Kennedy Physical Education Centre B6

Sinnott Building (N.R.I.) [43] D3
49 Animal Science/ Entomology B7

Stores Building [35] D8
50 Ellis Building (Food and Soil Sciences) B8

Tache Hall [15] G7
51 Agricultural Services Complex A9

Tier Building [10] H6
52 Freshwater Institute A7

University Centre [26] F5
53 Information Centre A6

University College [2] J4
54 Pan American Games Gymnasium B3

Wallace Building (Geological Sciences) [22] G2
56 Animal Science Research Unit C7

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