UM Bannatyne Campus
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UM Bannatyne Campus map
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University Buildings

Hospital Buildings

A. Medical Rehabilitation
  1. PsycHealth Building

B. Dentistry
  2. General Hospital

C. Chown Building
  3. Children's Hospital

D. Immunology Annex
  4. Rehabilitation Hospital

E. Basic Science
  5. Respiratory Hospital

G. Pathology
  6. Manitoba Cancer Foundation

H. Basic Medical Sciences
  7. Interns' Residence

J. Brodie Centre
  8. School of Nursing

K. Medical Services
  9. Women's Hospital

L. Faculty of Pharmacy Apotex Centre
10. Thorlakson Building

11. CancerCare

12. Cadham Provincial Lab
      13. Manitoba Clinic
      14. Isabel M. Stewart Building

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