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International Development Projects

1.  International project supports for faculty

The University of Manitoba enjoys a very strong reputation in many regions of the developing world as a Canadian university interested in working in equal collaboration with our partners to bring positive change to their communities through scientific discovery, innovation and appropriate implementation strategies.  Our track record for successfully securing funding towards our international development project is among the top in our nation.  We are proud of our faculty, who remain intensely committed and involved in bringing their knowledge to global problems and solutions to the world communities.

Involvement in international development projects may also be a direct benefit towards a faculty member's academic career.  Many of our staff have discovered opportunities to conduct new research, publish articles and develop new cooperative activities through their involvement in international projects.

If you are interested in becoming involved through a funded project to contribute towards the learning and capacity of another community abroad, please follow the links on this page to find out how the Office of International Relations can help you succeed....

Proposal Development Supports

Project Budget Supports

Institutional Agreement Support

Ongoing Project Management, Evaluation, Reporting and Audit Support

International development project funding opportunities

International Student Mobility, Internships and Other Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities For Internationizing Education

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