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Supporting Students' International Interests

Jen Haddad

“After observing the outcomes of a participatory development strategy such as the ‘mapping technique,’ I gained insight into an internal barrier to women’s governance—self- esteem and confidence.  As I begin my master’s program in social work, I intend to synthesize my new understanding of women’s governance.”   Jennifer Haddad, University of Manitoba Social Work student participating in the Students for Development internship program summer 2006.

Providing meaningful learning opportunities for students is one of the primary objectives of our teaching staff, and is indeed at the heart of our University’s mission.  Whether in-class or out of class, faculty members who find ways to challenge students’ understanding to move in a new direction or to a new level are rewarded many-fold in personal and professional satisfaction for themselves and their pupils. 

This site contains a number of suggestions for ways that University of Manitoba faculty members can help to incorporate learning experiences abroad into students’ degree program requirements here at the University of Manitoba.

For Canadian students who want to learn about the world

For international students who want to come to the UM

Student Mobility Projects involving UM