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UM International Agreements

"Canadian universities are uniquely positioned to make a valuable contribution to enhancing Canada's role and influence in the world through knowledge partnerships, while at the same time providing a window on the world for Canadians."—Achieving Excellence in and for the World: Knowledge Partnerships as Building Blocks of Canada's International Relations, AUCC Brief to the House of Commons Oct., 2005.

Through cooperation and partnership we expand our capacity for discovery and knowledge beyond our geographic and cultural boundaries.  Knowledge partnerships are a medium for growth at the University of Manitoba that increases our influence at home and abroad and brings direct benefit for both faculty members and students.

We want to develop institutional partners around the world that bring strategic benefits to both the University of Manitoba and our partners abroad.  As University of Manitoba faculty members identify the potential for a new mutually beneficial institutional partnership, we would encourage them to contact the Office of International Relations to receive advice and assistance in establishing a good foundation for cooperation.  


International Cooperative Agreements:  Database of all international agreements for the University of Manitoba. 

Agreement process & protocol:  How to initiate a new University of Manitoba agreement with another institution or agency abroad; who to contact; how the process works.

Agreement templates:  Sample agreements for different types of academic cooperation activities.

Advice & support to UM faculty interested in developing institutional partnerships: Things to consider when formalizing cooperation activities between institutions;

Agreement activity reports: What activity actually happens on University of Manitoba agreements with other universities?  Report activity for the agreement(s) that are under your responsibility. View reports compiled on University of Manitoba agreements over the past year.

International visitors and delegations: Will you be receiving a visiting delegation from an international university? Find out how the OIR supports these visits.