Changing the Way the World Communicates

Can you hear me now?

These words are a thing of the past due to the research conducted by Dr. Lotfollah Shafai, Canada Research Chair in Applied Electromagnetics at the University of Manitoba and 2011 Killam Prize winner. In his state-of-the-art anechoic (non-echoing) chambers in the Applied Electromagnetics Laboratory in the Faculty of Engineering, he and his team are credited with the development of compact antennas used today in wireless and satellite communications, remote sensing, telemedicine, smart vehicles and navigation systems. The impact of these technologies is great and felt every day around the world by anyone using technology to communicate.

Shafai’s accomplishments span a career of many decades and many awards. His most recent honour, the 2011 Killam Prize in Engineering, is Canada’s most distinguished research award for outstanding career achievements. The award is made possible through the Killam Trusts by a bequest from Mrs. Dorothy J. Killam. Recipients are chosen by a committee of 15 eminent Canadian scholars appointed by the Canada Council.