BIOL 4470

Sensory-Motor Physiology

(Lab Required) (Formerly ZOOL 4160, 022.416) Information flow in the nervous system and the control of behaviour. The diverse roles that ion channels and synaptic circuitry play in sensory reception, neuronal integration and motor control are emphasized. Prerequisite: a “C” or better in one of BIOL 2410 (ZOOL 2530, 022.253), BIOL 2411 (ZOOL 2531), BIOL 3460 (ZOOL 3530, 022.353), the former 022.245, 022.337, or 022.352; or consent of department.

Important Dates

December 10 – December 21: Fall Term Exam Period

December 22 – January 2: Winter Holiday (University Closed)

Upcoming Seminars

General seminar: Edward Jenkins, M.Sc. Defense: “Seabird dietary niche dynamics during breeding in coastal Newfoundland” — Tuesday, December 18 at 10 a.m., 304 Biological Sciences.

General seminar: Saeedeh Bani, PhD Proposal: “The development and maintenance of migratory timing programs in a songbird” — Tuesday, December 18 at 2 p.m., 304 Biological Sciences.